The Narrative Games Convention

AdventureX is the UK's only convention dedicated to narrative-driven gaming. Now in its 6th year, AdventureX is a free event bringing together developers & gamers with a passion for interactive storytelling. Encompassing everything from retro pixel-hunts to rich, branching narratives, AdventureX is celebration of creativity, indie development and geek culture. Now pick up that spyglass and put it in your knapsack. A world of adventure awaits.

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We welcomed a wide range of games, developers and game tools to AdventureX 2016, exploring diverse approaches to interactive narrative.

Why AdventureX?

We love graphical adventures; interactive fiction; exploration games; visual novels – just about any game with a great story to tell. And we welcome developers from across the globe to exhibit their games and share their experiences. For devs and creatives, it's a great opportunity to attend masterclasses on writing, character, puzzle design, coding and art. For gamers it's a chance to play games and encounter new stories.

AdventureX returns on November 19th-20th 2016! Check out our blog for the latest updates.

AdventureX 2016 – Writing for games panel

Rhianna Pratchett, Charles Cecil, Greg Buchanan (Paper Brexit, Paper Drumpf) and Jay Tholen (Dropsy, Hypnospace Outlaw) come together to discuss storytelling in games. How has game narrative evolved? Is writing for games really different from other mediums?

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AdventureX 2016 – Richard Cobbett – The Art of humour in games

In this talk from 2016 games writer Richard Cobbett, presented his talk on using humour in games.

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AdventureX 2016 roundup part 2

Hello everyone! Small update since more coverage has appeared online. We’re also getting videos up on our own youtube archive. First off a brief bit of house keeping. If you attended AdventureX in 2016, we’d love to hear from you. We have a short survey we’d love you to fill out! Stephen Brown at posted […]

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