The Narrative Games Convention

AdventureX is the UK's only convention dedicated to narrative-driven gaming. Since 2011, AdventureX has been bringing together developers & gamers with a passion for interactive storytelling. Encompassing everything from retro pixel-hunts to rich, branching narratives, AdventureX is a celebration of creativity, indie development and geek culture. AdventureX 2017 is free to attend and non-ticketed. However, the event is popular and the venue fills up quickly from 10am. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment! Now pick up that spyglass and put it in your knapsack. A world of adventure awaits.

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Goldsmiths University of London
Weather Factory: Cultist Simulator
Whispers of a Machine
CBE Software
Irreverent Pixel Games


Discover a wide range of narrative-driven games at AdventureX 2017! We bring together the finest indie examples of mystery, exploration, drama, comedy & experimental games.

Why AdventureX?

We love graphical adventures; interactive fiction; exploration games; visual novels – just about any game with a great story to tell. And we welcome developers from across the globe to exhibit their games and share their experiences. For devs and creatives, it's a great opportunity to attend masterclasses on writing, character, puzzle design, coding and art. For gamers it's a chance to play games and encounter new stories.
AdventureX will return on 11th and 12th November 2017.