AdventureX 2017 will take place on November 11th and 12th 2017. Doors open to the public at 10.00 and close at 17.30. The event is free and non-ticketed, so we advise visitors to arrive early and join the queue to avoid disappointment.

We are thrilled to bring together such a talented array of developers, writers, voice actors and game artists for AdventureX 2017.

Saturday 11th Nov
Sunday 12th Nov
10:00 AMDoors OpenDoors Open
10:15 AM
10:30 AMWelcome to AdventureX | FeatureWelcome to AdventureX | Feature
10:45 AMDave Gilbert | TalkChris Payne | Talk
11:00 AMGetting Your Game in FocusStorytelling with Cameras
11:15 AMJess Haskins | TalkLottie Bevan | Talk
11:30 AMThe Politics of WorldbuildingProducing Successful Narrative-Driven Games
11:45 AMBreak (30 mins)Break (30 mins)
12:00 PM
12:15 PMThe Art of Game Acting | PanelIan Thomas | Talk
12:30 PMDave Gilbert chairs a conversation with voice actorsNon-Verbal Narrative Design
12:45 PMDoug Cockle (The Witcher), Samantha Béart (Age of Wonders III)Jon Ingold | Talk
1:00 PMRolf Saxon (Broken Sword) & Sally Beaumont (Bertram Fiddle)Designing Heaven's Vault:
1:15 PMLunch (45 mins)Developing inkle's archeological science fiction adventure game
1:30 PMLunch (45 mins)
1:45 PM
2:00 PMRolf Saxon | Fireside Chat
2:15 PMA conversation with the voice of George StobbartBrian Moriarty | Feature
2:30 PMJade Leamcharaskul | TalkI Saw What I Did There: the strange and often hilarious story
2:45 PMAudio Narrative Techniques: Telling stories without wordsof how Moriarty's 2002 GDC lecture “The Secret of Psalm 46”
3:00 PMBreak (15 mins)became the ultimate easter egg in Jonathan Blow’s The Witness.
3:15 PMRebecca Harwick | TalkBreak (30 mins)
3:30 PMWhat makes a great video game protagonist?
3:45 PMDoug Cockle | Fireside ChatZak Garriss | Talk
4:00 PMMeeting the voice of Geralt of RiviaProductive Dissension: Life is Strange: Before the Storm's
4:15 PMBreak (30 mins)lead writer, on crafting stories in a collaborative writers' room.
4:30 PMBreak (15 mins)
4:45 PMThe MMORPG Show | FeatureFrancisco Gonzalez: Quizmaster | Feature
5:00 PMAn interactive adventure from the creators of Knightmare Live,Pit your wits against the Quizmaster & founder of Grundislav Games
5:15 PMwhere fates are decided by a giant D20. ***** Edfringe PreviewPost-Show
5:30 PMDoors CloseDoors Close
The Pub!The Pub!

The AdventureX programme is subject to change at short notice.